1. gifted's Avatar
    Just a quick reply from someone would be great. Ok from reading and watching videos i understand my iPhone (i have an iPhone 3gs) has to be jailbroken to get this home button app. To do this you have to put your iphone into DFU mode right??

    i tried to repair my iPhone and physically broke the home button, thus putting my iPhone into DFU mode becomes impossible right????

    im Screwed arn't i?
    2010-05-03 04:12 PM
  2. cloggedkarl's Avatar
    Hi people, I have got the same problem with my Iphone 3G, it is not jailbroken as far as I know (It was bought second hand) I have found out that if your home button does not work and you do not want to download any apps and things, just restart your phone so it is on the home screen, go into your security settings, add a code so that when you unlock your screen it requires you to enter your password, when you need to go to home screen lock your phone and then press the power button to gain the unlock screen, do not put your password in yet !! click emergency call and then go back. now put your password in and tada you will be on the home screen.
    2010-12-22 04:36 PM
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