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    Hi there everyone! I hope you guys can really help me in this one... i'm having some trouble with my iPhone... here are my phone details and problem, thx for reading and responding!

    iPhone 16GB, 1.1.4 Jailbreak, working fine.

    I live in Mexico (Monterrey, Nuevo León) and I bought this iPhone already unlocked (brand new) from a friend, my Carrier here in Mexico is TELCEL, so in the carrier name at the title screen it always said "Mx Telcel GSM". Yesterday I went with my family to the US (Laredo, Texas) just for shopping. I have a contract with Telcel and the plan includes International roaming. So being there in the States the carrier name in the iPhone changed from "Mx Telcel GSM" to "AT&T" being there I received one text message and 2 calls which i refused to answer (haha is expensive for me and the caller!!).

    Everything seemed to work fine until I came back to my house here in Mexico. Now, the actual problem is that the carrier name doesn't change from AT&T, it just stays right there in the home screen and says "AT&T" (picture1). I have been able to make and receive calls from my iPhone with no problem but I'm afraid that being here in Mexico in some sort of way the calls are being made via the roaming system making Telcel to charge reeeeeeally expensive bills.

    So can anyone of you guys help me out? I have entered to the Carrier menu from Settings and tried to change the carrier (picture2). In the menu appears TELCEL and movistar (picture3). When I choose TELCEL it puts a mark on it but when I go back to the settings menu in the Carrier tab it still says AT&T and also in the Home screen (picture 2 and 1 respectively). I had reset Network settings, put my SIM Card in other phones (sony ericsson) (in the other phones it says TELCEL GSM) putting it back again in my iPhone makes the same thing.

    Hi guys! new here, one problem hehe-picture-1.jpg

    Hi guys! new here, one problem hehe-picture-3.jpg

    Hi guys! new here, one problem hehe-picture-2.jpg

    I just want it to say again Mx Telcel GSM and also to know that i am not using the roaming service.

    Thank you guys.
    2008-08-01 09:40 AM
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    I think it's just glitched on there. If it doesn't do it on other phones then you should be ok. Did you try rebooting?
    2008-08-01 09:51 AM
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    yeah man, countless times...
    2008-08-01 10:07 AM
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    hey man i dont now about your problem well i guess u speak spanish so.. lo siento pero de tu problema nose nada pero tengo una duda, si me compro un iphone en USA y me lo traigo aca a MEX cambiandole el chip de at&t a telcel, si funciona o no?? lo que quiero sabes es que si uno iphone americano puede funcionar en mexico con un chip de talcel?? por fa y sobre tu problema pues supongo que te daras cuenta cuando te llege el recibo. pero por fa aver si sabes algo de mi duda grx.
    2009-03-09 02:45 AM
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    Thanks for the help, but the thread was made in August of '08, hopefully we have solved his problem by now...
    2009-03-09 06:18 PM