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    I realized that since I now sync my contacts with an exhange server, in this case nuevasync to sync my gmail contacts with the iPhone, I no longer have any ability to change labels on a contact field. Does anyone know if this is exchange related restriction or a 2.0 change?

    Also I can't remember if older firmwares allowed to see email labels as well, such as WORK email field, and HOME email field, in 2.0 it just says EMAIL and you cannot change it.

    And does anyone recall if in older firmware if there was an option for a second alarm on a calendar event? I don't see that but I could have sworn this used to exist.

    Perhaps there is a list somewhere with what restrictions or changes come about by syncing with exchange, if I am right about why I don't see these options anymore. Does anyone know if such a list exists?


    After doing some testing I answered some of my own questions. In case anyone was wondering. This was on an old exchange 2003 server I was syncing with from our office that I tested with.

    It looks like exchange only supports email labels like Email1, Email2, etc. So I guess thats why they are not available on the iphone contact list once you are synced with exchange server. As soon as I removed the exchange account those options were available to me again.

    Calendars also DO allow a second alarm if you are NOT syncing with exchange, again I guess because you don't have the dual function in exchange.

    I did not find a list of these types of conditions, but I did find that calendars option is available only after syncing with exchange as well, once removed that feature is also gone along with the coloring.
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    2008-08-02 08:53 PM
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    My Exchange contact has the Home, Work, Mobile phone number fields. I also have the ability to add emails with home, work, custom fields. Both can be either edited on my iPhone or Outlook. Our office uses the Exchange 07, my contacts are pushed with all fields.

    Although, I never looked into Nuevasync, is it an issue between GMail or Nuevasync.
    2008-08-02 11:41 PM
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    huh, I guess that must be one of the differences between exchange 2003 and exchange 2007. Perhaps neuvasync is using 2003 as their proxy.
    2008-08-03 02:53 PM
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    My better half, she uses mail2web as an exchange server at her office. I just checked today, mail2web uses Exchange 2007 also. Sign up for a trial, and see if it is really an 03 and 07 difference.

    PS: Who operates neuvasync, I wouldn't trust it with my accounts.
    2008-08-04 11:53 PM