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    Alright, well here is my dilemma:

    My dad's boss has an iphone and so do i, but i have a jailbroken 1.1.2 and my dad ofcourse wanted to show it off to his boss.

    So we attempted to put my dad's blackberry curve's sim card into my iphone, after a ocuple of tries i realized it wasnt going to work (Due to the "No Service" written in the top left hand corner", so my dad said forget it and to just put my sim back in.

    Now the problem is, my sim also says: "No Service" and when i connect it to itunes it says that my phone number is my Dads number. Which i know is not true because my dad is using his blackberry perfectly fine with no problems. And yes it is HIS number.

    I have searched the forums here and googled it but i just cannot find an answer.

    I guess i would have to restore it? which i wouldnt want to do because i dont want to have to reinstall all my 3rd party apps.

    Please help, and thanks in advance.


    I just called At&t they re-activated my sim for my iphone.
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