1. xingma's Avatar
    safari can't find server

    hi, can anybody help... iphone safari problem
    generally in reaturants or any places with non password wi-fi i can conect with safari no problem- without having to manually set ip address ,or any other settings.. just hit safari then choose which named wi-fi,instant access to web & email..
    problem is in my home: every time safari can't find server, or safari can't open page because can't find server--- very strange..frustating...

    i have tried many previous suggestions posted here but alas no joy..
    resetting network, turn phone off on.. re starting phone..

    when i access the page stating info- i see as follows
    ip address: 192.1**.. - probally not good idea to state this.???
    subnet mask
    search domains-- blank- could this be the problem??
    cliant id -- also blank maybe the problem??

    i get wifi on my home note book ok- but not using safari browser on this

    i think it has somthing to do with the dns setting.. but have no idea why i would manually need to change this when other locations it works fine without any configuration issues..

    as you will gather i'm no bloddy expert any advice would be appriciated.. but basic easy pc language please..

    thanks, i hope someone can help
    2008-08-03 07:10 AM
  2. BarcaMagic's Avatar
    only thing i can recommend is 1.1.4 safari patch from installer . that might help ..
    good luck.....
    2008-08-03 07:02 PM