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  1. alesparks's Avatar
    my iphone keeps shutting off when it locks itself. i have tried to restore and re jailbreak but that didnt work. im on 114 and i have the 1st generation, any suggestions?
    2008-08-04 03:49 AM
  2. zsuns's Avatar
    Does your iPhone have any physical damage?
    A Thanks is always nice =]
    2008-08-04 07:56 AM
  3. alesparks's Avatar
    well i dropped it that day but i have it on a hard case so i dont think that was the cause since the phone wasnt damaged at all.
    2008-08-06 07:20 AM
  4. Kitsune's Avatar
    Did the problems start after the drop? If so... 2 + 2?
    Of course it might be unrelated :P
    2008-08-06 07:42 AM