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    Hi, can anyone tell me the location of the music and the contacts on my iphone? I need to know so i can manually copy the files as itunes cannot read my iphone and i can still access it using ibrickr so i want to make a backup so i can restore my iphone.


    i have found the location of the music, it is at:


    And there are lots of Fxx folders where xx will be a two digit number i.e. 01 or 11. Go into these folders in ibrickr and there will be files with names in capital letters such as SQWZ.mp3, these are the songs, click on each one and then click download. Do this for the songs in every Fxx folder to manually download your music. The files are downloaded to the ibrickr folder, from where you run the program.

    By the way if you have swaptunes installed and so have two music libraries, then the location of the second will be:


    Still need to find the location of the contacts,

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