1. Monkey Johannon's Avatar
    So last night i returned from a trip to the beach, i did not bring my computer with me, and had no idea there was an update for my phone...connect to itunes to do some updates and it started its process.

    I got through the new iTunes download fine, also got the new software onto iTunes and then the phone started its backing up and installation process...it was taking a while but given the 3G mishaps, it didnt really draw my attention too much.

    So my iPhone gets through its ENTIRE process...and at the end of the installation, it stops and an "Error 6" notice pops on the screen...my phone is not jailbroken so this troubled me, why was it doing this? I went through the standard stuff, unplugged and tried again, reset both computer and iPhone and nothing was working...and my iPhone was now bricked requiring a restore...i downloaded iTunes again, had the same issue...changed connection wire, same issue...even went as far as trying to do it on my wife's mac...same issue.

    So i took a drive this morning to the apple store, sat in there for about an hour and let the folks have at it...they tried what i did to no avail, tried it on another computer they had and he got it to restore but could not sync it with my macbook...mystery solved? Not a chance...in fact, all he essentially did was restore it back to stock form, it just had my phone number so it could make and recieve calls...no visual voicemail, no contacts...nothing.

    His explanation to me was simple but confusing...basically he told me that my backup was corrupted, and then the software download some how got corrupted as well...so the backup could have been bypassed but the software update was getting glitched...how the hell does that happen?

    Anyways, after replacing my version of iTunes, and using my back up disc, i now have everything in order, just had to load everything up and sync everything again from my mac's contacts and calendar.

    Huge pain in the ***...had to sit next to an old woman too at the store that didnt understand the fact that she couldnt just walk in, bypassing the line out front, to get an iPhone 3G...cursing and throwing a temper tantrum in front of tons of people.
    "Choosing the lesser of two evils...is still choosing evil." - Jerry Garcia
    2008-08-05 10:16 PM
  2. weezyhuy's Avatar
    Your phone was pwned before, all you needed to do was put the phone into DFU mode and install the 2.0.1 update. Or just install the pwned firmware.
    2008-08-06 04:31 AM
  3. Monkey Johannon's Avatar
    The phone was never pwned...i havent done anything to it outside dl'ing app's from the store. My 1st gen was jailbroken, this one has not.
    "Choosing the lesser of two evils...is still choosing evil." - Jerry Garcia
    2008-08-06 07:14 PM