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    Hello to everyone =)
    I've wanted to start jailbraking my iPhone agaein 2 days before, because my installer was broken. So, by jailbraking it, it was all okay, since I've virginized my iPhone. As I downloaded Baseband Downgrader, I've got no WIFi, Sound or anythink else.

    So, Isearched a little bit and found this:
    (last post)
    I followed the instructions since I must type this in:

    ./bbupdater -e ICE03.14.08_G.eep -f ICE03.14.08_G.fls

    When I start this command, there comes everytime this error:
    Error: Failed to download .EEP: Could not varify download image.

    (it seems to have problems by: Preparing to flash using /dev/tty.baseband at 750000 baud, after that it says Please reset target)

    I've searched google and so on, but I've found nothing that helps me, so,
    Please help,
    2008-01-27 12:27 PM
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    So what is the status of your phone? Why not just restore and go again?
    I once prayed to God for an iPhone, but quickly found out He didn't work that way...so I stole an iPhone and prayed for His forgiveness.

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    2008-01-27 02:32 PM
  3. Zeddi's Avatar
    First thank you for this answer.
    When I've started my iPhone on 1.1.1 first time, there comes an error massage: "Nedded Repair, contact apple.com/help"

    You can't do anything (weither *#307 nor anything else) well, i just searched the internet and founded Many sources that say, that I have to set my iPhone to 1.0.2 (because his is the only Version which you can jailbrake from the iPhone, without Internet) and reflash the baseband with mobile terminal.

    But I can't reflash my baseband with this error, and the big problem is, that seems to be the only way to repair it
    2008-01-27 02:58 PM
  4. motiam4's Avatar
    i have same prb..it seem u have 4.6 bootloader ..and there is no solution as far just upgrade to 1.1.3 it will fix ur prb..but u can't unlock ..
    2008-01-28 02:23 PM