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    The moderator Poseidon 79 once chalked up my long ago posting to be maybe a rumor #23,474,928 in my posting


    Well it seems to be true in an Article from iPhone Atlas as follows:

    iPhone can phone home and kill apps? - iPhone Atlas

    This is it:

    Apple has apparently included a blacklisting mechanism in iPhone OS 2.x via which the device can phone home, check for unauthorized applications, and disable them. The OS includes a URL that points to a page containing a list of unauthorized applications, specifically:


    Per Jonathan Zdziarski, author of the book iPhone Open Application Development and an iPhone Forensics manual:

    “This suggests that the iPhone calls home once in a while to find out what applications it should turn off. At the moment, no apps have been blacklisted, but by all appearances, this has been added to disable applications that the user has already downloaded and paid for, if Apple so chooses to shut them down.

    “I discovered this doing a forensic examination of an iPhone 3G. It appears to be tucked away in a configuration file deep inside CoreLocation.”

    __________________________________________________ __________

    Well my rumor seems vindicated. Lets hope they don't start doing what they are capable of.


    Update:- I have been waiting for Posiedon79 to make a comment. Perhaps you don't want to admit Apple does have the capability to blacklist Apps and or wipe you.
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    2008-08-06 10:12 PM
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    Them looking into your phone is like an invasion of privacy... sure they say they're only looking at apps but who knows what they're really looking at... maybe your camera roll, contacts, browser histor/cache/cookies...
    can't wait till the sh!t hit's the fan and they actually start implementing this
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    2008-08-06 10:40 PM
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    That would really suck for all of us. Maybe i wont upgrade to 2.0 hah :/
    2008-08-06 10:40 PM
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    It seems to me like this sort of action would/should be illegal... at least in the USA.
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    2008-08-06 11:08 PM
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    Just proof that an App needs to be developed for the iPhone like Little Snitch exists for the Mac. Little Snitch on the Mac tells you what is trying to connect to who and via what method.

    We have no idea what is being transferred in the background on the iPhone with all the Apps, or even it's own OS. Of course everyone says they aren't doing anything, but we just don't know. It doesn't matter whether it's an app from the App Store, via Apple's ways, or Apps distributed via Cydia or Installer....
    2008-08-06 11:10 PM
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    Who Knows Apple probibly can see exactly what your doing on your phone when your on the Network
    2008-08-07 06:33 AM
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    Funny, everyone see this as a big bad monster application. Was thinking it could be also used to blacklist an application that could steal personal info as well. double edged sword on that front. Which might not be such a bad thing for lots of people. (just look at the state of the average pc users' PC. it's probably infected with more viruses then the carrier monkey in outbreak).
    2008-08-07 08:31 AM
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    haha True that, Ive fixed some computers that are like whoa, Howd you use this thing without losing all your information haha, You got a good point there
    2008-08-07 08:26 PM
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    Didn't mean to ignore you...

    As far as your post... you are referring to something way less drastic than "wiping your phone" as argued originally. To simply have the ability to disable apps is completely different than Apple detecting unlock or jailbreak and bricking your phone and making it non-functional. This would piss AT&T and all the other providers off big time. So your theory MIGHT be partially valid but not nearly to the extent you were claiming in the beginning.

    At this point I still see it as being a rumor. #23,474,928 to be exact... I've been counting as you can see.

    I hope of course that rumor does not turn into fact in which case I will concede.

    Here's a great article predicting the uses of this "kill switch". Nothing about disabling "3rd party or jailbroken apps" is mentioned.


    I agree with what they say that this could be a safe guard for app store apps that cause problems and need to be disabled or erased. This would be done by detecting the digital signature of those specific apps. Or like it said.. could be used to run remote virus scans or for business enterprise use for company phones only being allowed "authorized" applications. So don't be so quick to jump right to the worst case scenario.
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    2008-08-07 08:52 PM
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    Thats pretty MESSED up right there.. Thats invading privacy, no matter what application you have... That sort of reminds me of NSA backdoor (data mining)
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    2008-08-07 09:31 PM
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    Rumor #23,474,929: Apple is working with the FBI to activate the iPhone camera and mic so they can spy on you and your friends when the phone is turned off. Remember that one?
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    2008-08-07 09:34 PM
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    Thats pretty MESSED up right there.. Thats invading privacy, no matter what application you have... That sort of reminds me of NSA backdoor (data mining)
    iPhone: NSA iSnoop Device?

    And now that the iPhone is being distributed in so many countries around the world, the NSA will have plenty of data to sift through. We are not the only ones they get to monitor.

    I am hoping that apple does not cross the line and disable/Blacklist Cydia or Installer under some superfluous BS like (These apps are used to install malicious code)
    2008-08-07 10:40 PM
  13. chriscoyne's Avatar
    Posiedon79 Thanks for the reply. Ok perhaps not the total wipe as I originally speculated but you see now that App blacklisting and deactivation is in fact possible remotely. I would not but it past Apple to still remote wipe. Although, as you say this would piss off many people. I do wonder though if they could see third party Apps from installer and deactivate them as well. Since no Apps are blacklisted yet its hard to tell.

    I hope you realize, as I do, this all in fun. Even the other comments are funny, What would be not funny at all is if we see some real wiping or a method employed by Apple that would permanently prevent block third party applications. Supposedly, 2.0.1 now prevents unlocking. Although, some have said they have unlocked using SIM cards.

    I wonder if Apple would remote wipe phones that are on a different carrier.

    We will see. I hope your right and at the same time I hope I am wrong.

    Cheers Buddy. Chris
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    2008-08-07 11:43 PM
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    It is in no way illegal to unlock a phone for another carrier. I highly doubt it is in Apple's best interests to brick your device. Remember... Apple has gotten all their money up front when you purchase their hardware and they lose the possibility of more income by bricking your phone b/c you would no longer have access to purchase from the App store. I know it's all in good fun and I don't take offense so it's all good. Peace!
    2008-08-08 01:33 AM