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  1. gonano's Avatar
    I've had a Gen 1 iPhone for about 9 months without AT&T.

    Will there be a cancellation fee if I get an AT&T contract but cancel before 30 days?

    I know the new policy for the 3G is that if you cancel before 30 days you can keep the phone but pay $180 for cancellation.

    Now I need it repaired and should fall under warranty. But the first Apple store I went to gave me crap about it not being activated with AT&T. So I told them the Apple website states:

    "Please note that warranty service is not dependent on activating your iPhone."

    Then he said something about "yes it's not dependant about for us to honor it is something else" I said "it's the same thing, I can come back tomorrow after I activate myself so you can mess with it to see what's wrong". He agreed. I just want more facts before I go back in. I have 5 Apple stores in my city.

    Thank you all
    2008-08-07 11:37 AM
  2. movalwebmaster's Avatar
    haha i cant believe that idiot gave you crap, if anything ask to see the manager or whos in charge and make a fuss, they have to honor that warranty, activated or not

    although not having it activated throws off some suspicion ,plus they know its money att is loosing and if they find out someone can get an iphone but not have to use service, it will send flames flying
    2008-08-07 11:45 AM
  3. gonano's Avatar
    Thank you. Good points.

    Now if anyone knows if there's a cancellation fee.
    2008-08-07 04:02 PM
  4. Rosbaughcr's Avatar
    I thought you could return the phone and cancel service within 30 days to avoid a cancellation fee, but the key part of that is returning the phone.
    2008-08-08 04:15 AM
  5. 808mp5's Avatar
    straight from at&t
    Terms Applicable to AT&T Nation/FamilyTalk® GSM Plans: Credit approval required. Subscriber must live and have a mailing address within AT&T's owned network coverage area. An early termination fee of $175 applies if service is terminated before the end of the contract term. For service activated on or after May 25, 2008 the Early Termination Fee will be reduced by $5.00 for each full month toward your minimum term that you complete. If phone is returned within 3 days, activation fee will be refunded. If phone is returned within 30 days in like-new condition with all components, early termination fee will be waived. All other charges apply. Some dealers impose additional fees.

    in your case you just want to get at&t so you can service your iphone and the cancel... is this correct? if so your going to have to pay the ETF of $175 i believe...

    i agree they have to honor your warranty if it is still valid... even if it's not activated... just don't go in there with a jailbroke/unlocked iPhone
    2008-08-08 04:22 AM
  6. gonano's Avatar
    I'm back with a new replaced iPhone. They used a flash light to look through the headphone jack and the bottom of the iPhone. They were looking to see if the water damage sensor was red. Obviously it wasn't so I got a new iPhone.

    Then came the part where he wanted to activate my phone so I could use it. He asked if this was a new sim card because it wasn't registering it. I said I never activated it, that I was only using it as an iPod and for Wi-Fi. He gave me a funny look, asked his supervisor if that was ok. Supervisor said it wasn't ok, so I took out a printed page from Apple that said phone didn't need to be activated to get warranty. So that shut them up and he said, I just wanted to activate it for you. I told him, don't worry I'll activate it myself, thanked him and walked away

    On a side note. I couldn't my original phone to a virgin state. It was activated, jailbroken and unlocked. They didn't notice that though because I had the AT&T sim in it and no installer or cydia icons.

    The page where it says iPhone doesn't need to be activated to get warranty is here, you have to put your serial number and if it's found to be not activated it will display that message:

    I guess it depends what apple store you go into and what genius boy you get. You might get a lonely geeky guy with no authority in his life that will play an authority trip on you at the store.

    That's my story.
    Thanks to all that replied!
    2008-08-08 05:26 AM
  7. 808mp5's Avatar
    glad to hear that everything worked out for you...
    2008-08-08 05:31 AM
  8. anticspants's Avatar
    I tried this back in february/march and got screwed, The manager said hell no and claimed i had to have a valid working att phone number and wouldnt help me. So i now have hybrid phone with parts from two different phones and yet another broken screen.
    I highly doubt they will help me if the serial numbers dont match...
    2008-08-28 08:44 PM

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