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    o m g, I just dropped my phone into the pool, and it didnt work for a couple of days, then it started to work but the thing is it keeps giving me this error message,

    "This accessory is not made to work with the Iphone. Would you like to turn on Airplane mode to reduce audio interference? You not be able to recieve or make calls"

    Now I can make calls/receive them fine, but I cant use the mp3 part of the phone. This message pops up every 2 min, and whenever it pops up the volume stops working on the ipod and I have to d/c the headphones and put them back in and its a pain in the ***. Anything I can do? Apple said that they'll replace the iphone for 200 dollars! Its the old iphone 4gig. Help!

    come on guys
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    2008-08-10 03:49 PM
  2. Tronky's Avatar
    seems you have got a problem with the USB cable connector & the firmware you have.
    mostly because of that pool thing.

    Can you take the risk & try to restore the firmware version ?
    it migh work and it might not

    the message you have normally appears when you connect an acceossry part like an FM transmitter.
    2008-08-10 07:46 PM