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    I have my iPhone 3G winPWN'D to the custom 2.0.1 firmware. Everything works great ! My question intitles my wallpaper. I had this issue with my 8GB iphone aswell I couldnt get the wallpaper in the background to change. ALot of things on customize 2.1 arent working for me either I cant change my SMStext ringtone either.... On my iPhone 2nd gen not 3G I was able to have the motorola type beep for incoming and the one for outgoing anyways.... I am confusing it's hard for me to explain myself that's why I barely post. I jsut watch

    I think my customize is currupt but like I said it did it pre 2.0 when I had 1.1.4 every now and then.. before it was some random I guess theme wallpaper this morning its black WTF!!
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    customize is very buggy for the 2.0 software right now for most people. i personally would wait until its fixed but i have been getting by with manually editing the files. its easy as pie man
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