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    what do you mean "world icon"? Are you talking about the wallpaper with the world on it? if so then you should have a slider at the bottom. Slide that and you will be taken to the springboard.
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    2008-02-03 07:41 PM
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    hi nightkeeper,

    couple of quick questions:
    1.i'm hvaing trouble activating/jailbreaking my 1.12otb with att sim (noncontract), should i just do the 1.13 upgrade through itunes and follow this guide? i am not worried about getting 1.13 (although it would be nice), i just want to get my 1.12 activated. i think i have week 51.

    2. will this work if i have a week 51? theoretically, if u do the 1.13 upgrade then u have automatically upgraded the baseband, right? in your guide, there is no downgrading baseband. when i try to downgrade the baseband after downgrading to 1.1.1, i am getting an error message.

    3. what exactly do u mean by "open 1.1.2 jailbreak and click jailbreak me". is this is a installer program? or is this part of independence?

    thanks a lot.
    2008-02-03 09:34 PM
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    I did not have to downgrade baseband. And I don't know what week 52 or 51 has to do with anything. I am not a guru at this. I just followed all the guides here and came up with nothing so I decided to try my own logic and it worked for me. My phone was activated right after i bought it. If i understand you correct then I would activate the phone and then use the guide to activate otb 1.1.2. Then upgrade to 1.1.3. That is essentially what I did. I had to come up with this because I installed a program that was not compatible and messed up my phone. I had no choice but to restore to 1.1.3 jailed.
    2008-02-03 11:21 PM
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    thanks, NK. Could u also comment on what u mean by opening jailbreaker 1.1.2 and clicking jailbreak me. Thanks.
    2008-02-03 11:30 PM
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    Unfortunately it doesn't work for me. Exactly the same situation: had 1.1.2 OTB, jailbroke it and was happy with it until for some stupid reason I did this "upgrade" without reading comments and realizing that it upgrades baseband. As a result I have 1.1.3, not jailbroken (basically 1.1.3 OTB), lost half of my nerves and sleep time.
    I managed to get to 1.1.3 without O2 connection using Nate True's method, but being stubborn decided to have another go to have Dev Team's method. Of course I didn't succeed and when I tried Nate's method again some *** has removed "1.1.3 soft upgrade" from all repositories just because it creates "confusion". They could have left it until SDK comes out and then sort out all their confusions.
    I three words - I AM ANGRY. Partially at myself for wanting "wiggly" icons and triangulation but mainly at Apple. Why was it neccessary to limit EVERY SINGLE THING? That is something I will never udnerstand. To have such a good device and not be able to do anything else with it except call and listen to music. That's stupid.
    Sorry for rant, just wanted to have it off my chest
    2008-02-04 11:40 AM
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    fulthrust7 - he's talking about the "1.1.2-jailbreak" package, available from Conceited Software. In their package, they include a Java-based jailbreak script.

    For those of you for whom this method didn't work, please list what apps you are using. Because if you're using the newest beta version of iNdependence, I'll be surprised. If you're on Windows and you're using iBrickr, I'm not surprised at all that it doesn't work. Didn't work for me either. Try getting your hands on a Mac, and use iNdependence to boot your phone after the 1.1.2 jailbreak.

    If the jailbreak says Oktoprep wasn't installed (even though you know you DID install it), try starting over and MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE you've option-clicked the UPDATE button in iTunes, and ABSOLUTELY DO NOT click on the restore button.
    2008-02-04 07:20 PM
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    There are currently 2 versions of ibrikr, v091 and the 1.1.3 special. It should not matter wether you are on a mac or windows machine. the phone doesn't know. The main thing is that you get the phone out of recovery so you can go to the installer.
    2008-02-04 09:32 PM
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    i had the same problem before...the reason why you have the incorrect sim is you upgraded your baseband to 1.1.3. What you need to do is to restore your phone to version 1.1.1 using itune by holding the shift and click on restore..it might give u errors but what i do is i use ibrik to boot the phone (if it's red then it's working if it's green try restore again) After you restore to 1.1.1 you will still get the incorrect sim msg...follow the steps bellow to fix it...

    slide for emergency and dial *#301# to make the phone call itself. If the call window quickly disappears, just remove the *#301# and dial 0.

    2. Answer the call and place the call on Hold. The phone will then try to call itself again but press Decline.

    3. Tap Contacts, then tab the + button to add a new contact. Scroll to the bottom and tap Add new URL. The first one we are going to add is prefs: and the second one you need to add is jailbreakme.com

    4. The reason why we created prefs: was to allow you to connect to a wireless network first. So basically now you need to start over, Slide for Emergency and dial 0. Answer the call then place it on Hold. On the new call tap Decline. This will take you to you contacts. Tap the newly created contact (No Name) and click on first one, prefs:. Connect to a wireless network and then go to General > Auto-Lock > Never. Repeat these steps again but this time click on the second URL, jailbreakme.com.

    5. This will launch the jailbreakme.com webpage. Tap Install AppTapp. The phone may reboot itself a few times but give it a few minutes. Once this process is finished, you will see the newly created Installer.app on your main screen.

    Downgrade baseband firmware
    Now that the firmware has been restored, we also need to downgrade the baseband firmware.

    1. Launch the Installer.app and tap System, then install the BSD SubSystem.

    2. Once installed, our nice friends over at unlock.no have created an easy script to automated this process. So click on Sources in Installer.app and add: http://i.unlock.no/

    3. Now install the Baseband Downgrader which is found under the Unlocking Tools category. This will take about 5 minutes.

    4. Once this process is completed, you must restore the 1.1.1 firmware again.

    5. Load up iTunes real quick and while holding Shift for windows users or Option for Mac users click the Restore button once again. Navigate to the 1.1.1 firmware that you downloaded earlier and let iTunes do it's thing. Once restored, you can let iTunes reactivate your iPhone and reinstall the Installer.app program by opening up Safari and navigating to: jailbreakme.com

    once you got your 1.1.2 jailbreak..use the installer to soft upgrade to 1.1.3
    man this worked no problem couldn't find the original posting of this but this post worked
    2008-02-05 04:09 AM
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    Woo-Hoo! this finally worked for me! Thanks!
    2008-02-07 03:59 AM
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