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    so i recently had to replace my screen. In doing so i had to remove the guts of the iphone, there were three connections with GLUE holding them down, i replaced the screen, and put it all back together, snapped the connections back in, but did not apply the glue, everything was working fine, until i had to stand about 5 feet from a router or hotspot to even get anykind of signal at all for wifi, even then it was very weak and slow. does anyone know of where the wifi area of the iphone guts is so i can examine it.

    id love it and i do thank everytime i get a nice/helpful response.
    im no noob to hacking and jailbreaking, ive been doing it since day one. I understand the LIngo, but this problem i just can figure out.
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    2008-02-01 06:40 AM
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    Dude i havent ever seen the inside of the iphone except will it blend and when they paint the back black ? Call apple and ask them hehe
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    2008-02-01 07:02 AM