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    You know when you guys close threads we can't provide feedback to help improve the site.

    This design is not going to work. It needs to be advanced past it's infancy stage and straight to "ironed out" phase. I'm going to move it straight to there for you with some feedback.

    A good design is efficient, minimizing the steps and hassle to get to the end result. Instead of typing this format out every single time, the users need to type it ONE time in their signature.

    Problem #1-

    Every members signature needs to be updated and clearly visible to look something like this:

    - 1.1.x (1.1.2 OTB)

    This is step one in eliminating the amount of steps that everyone will have to do. you do this one time, it's done. Not every time you post a thread creating not only a hassle, but an eyesore. A forum filled with numbers distracts the eye and confuses it. I've seen a forum with this setup and all you see it numbers and dots everywhere. It's damn near impossible to actually see the thread title itself.

    Problem #2-

    Your newbs can't even use the search button and you expect them to follow protocol, LOL. If you wanted to drive your moderators nuts having to edit threads all day long...... mission accomplished. What are you going to do when a thread gets bumped? Edit every single older thread that is bumped to follow the new format? UHG..... There are more repeated steps that can be solved all in one single shot. You are opening a can of worms making a repetitive task that will never end. You need to put this in "automator mode" by doing it all from the signature in one shot.

    I agree with the kind before the description, that seems perfectly reasonable - though I doubt the thread starters are going to be able to muster anything past "help!!!!! phone is locked up!!!" Still I think it is a good step and I approve.

    I'm telling you right now, if the forum is filled with a bunch of jumbled numbers at the start of each thread it'll make it impossible to read the actual problem, and it will be a huge PITA to have to do it for every single thread both from the users standpoint and the moderators that have to edit it.

    Knock it all out in one motion...... mandatory firmware in signature.

    2008-02-02 11:35 AM
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    Here, here!

    Far more workable than the mods soultion.
    2008-02-02 12:28 PM
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    Nice sig.

    srsly... consider this.
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    2008-02-03 09:35 AM
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    Yah. I had nothing to do with this thread reorg thing, and agree with you, one1.

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    2008-02-03 03:32 PM