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    (((((WILLING TO PAY $$$$ IF YOU CAN HELP ME!))))

    OH man oh man. I'm so stumped.

    I've used pwnage 2.0 on my mac to unlock 2.0 on my iphone so that I can use tMo. I decided to upgrade to 2.0.1 so this morning I downloaded the pwnage and the new firmware and built the custom firmware.

    The restore to that custom firmware went good and I restored my iphone from the last backup. That all went good to. But iTunes was still saying "do you want to restore from the last backup" or "set up as a new phone". So I chose "restore from last backup" again figuring it wouldn't hurt, ya know?

    When it was halfway to restoring the last backup, my cat jumped up on my desk and knocked my iphone off the dock. EEEEEEKKKKK :/

    Now I keep getting errors when I try and restore my iPhone. I'm seriously so stumped right now. I've been working on this since this morning for nearly 11 hours now! I'm freaking out you guys. Someone help me pleazeee!

    I've used DFU and built multiple custom restores.

    One thing I'm considering is maybe my phone isn't "pwned" anymore. Because I load unpwned firmware just fine.

    Is that possible? If someone can please help me out I would be soo grateful!

    Actually as of right now, if someone can provide me with steps to restore my iphone successfully to 2.0.1 unlocked and activated and fully working on tMo I will credit their paypal accounts!

    (if thats not allowed I'm sorry and will take that off)

    I'm so desperate!
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    2008-08-15 05:52 AM
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    Ok Load, On a Regular Firmware. NOT PWNED. To put the regular firmware put the phone in dfu. Then it will be locked un jailbreaked, and not activated. Then Pwn it Using the pwnage tool and make a NEW custom firmware. Then select your options and u should be set if not post here and i will help. if u need more help email me @ [email protected]
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    2008-08-15 03:22 PM
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    you might have to set it up as a new phone and not do a restore :<
    2008-08-15 03:36 PM