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  1. navalynt's Avatar
    My wife's iPhone is a 16GB first gen on firmware 2.0.1 pwned and she's having problems with her Gmail account.

    If I leave email alerts on it will buzz every 30 seconds to tell her she has new mail but there is no indicator of new mail and if you actually try to go into the mailbox to check it shows downloading several messages then quits and goes back to the home screen. I tried to delete the email account in hopes I could just add it back in again and fix the problem it will not let me modify any settings or delete the account! I try to make a change, I leave the screen, when I come back it's reverted to what it used to be.

    I've seen similar problems on PC's where mailbox info for IMAP has been corrupted and the mailbox needed to be deleted and then added back on on the computer. Is there away to manually delete the mailbox via SSH?
    2008-08-15 07:24 PM
  2. deijmaster's Avatar
    I was at the same place a couple of hours ago, found out that it is just a configuration error from Apple after syncing! More precisely, it's a permission problem.

    A bit technical but simple. Via SSH please run the following command :
    chown -R mobile:mobile /private/var/mobile/

    Once this is done, voila!

    Have a good one,

    2008-08-20 01:18 AM
  3. StarmanDXE's Avatar
    You're a life-saver. I thought I was going to have to re-install stupid fw 2.0.1 again!
    2008-08-20 03:45 AM
  4. dssdude's Avatar
    deijmaster, thanks! But, what did cause this? I update to 2.0.2 then pwn my 3g
    2008-08-20 05:19 AM
  5. deijmaster's Avatar
    Great question.

    Simply put, so many changes can be caused by updates that it is very hard to know exactly what happens, especially in this situation. One thing I do know is that managing rights on OS systems (Iphone, windows, mac, etc.) is becoming more and more complex.

    One hint could simply be that Apple is working very hard illiminate bugs and maximize fixes, that in the process they do not take the time to fully verify their process and code...

    Any how, the key with the Iphone is to keep control over the device in any shape or form. This "personal" control enables us to manage the situation ourselves! Hackers unite!
    2008-08-21 12:40 PM