1. aboode's Avatar
    heeeey guys im havin a problem dunno what 2 do ,, i have an iPhone 1.0.2 it was workin fine for like 2 months now , but yesterday i connected it to the pc the fone freezed i restarted it by clickin the power n home butten it said connect 2 iTunes ,, what should i do ?

    i tried 2 boot it from ibrickr the screen goes red then it restart n nothin happen the same msg come plz connect 2 iTunes
    2008-02-03 02:56 PM
  2. shanks's Avatar
    well that depends on what you wanna do upgrade or stay with 1.0.2 im on 1.1.1 and enjoy it well but anyhow i can help you try somethin out. Either just upgrade to 1.1.1 (the shift way not regular) or restore to 1.0.2 and use ibricker or upgrade then downgrade that my work i had trouble my first time but fixed it so it is fixable hope it works out
    2008-02-03 03:34 PM