View Poll Results: Should I get a black iPhone 3G or white?

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  • Black iPhone 3G

    14 41.18%
  • White iPhone 3G

    20 58.82%
  1. sayam's Avatar
    Should I get a black iPhone 3G or white? I also own a white macbook...

    Just vote in the poll and don't forget to reply in the thread if you vote
    2008-08-15 08:42 PM
  2. ASar08's Avatar
    You forgot the 3rd option in your poll, which really is the only correct answer.

    3) Whichever one you like better
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    2008-08-15 08:48 PM
  3. Pcpro745's Avatar
    Black! lol
    2008-08-15 08:57 PM
  4. sayam's Avatar
    please don't crack such a dumb joke. lolz
    2008-08-15 09:06 PM
  5. Chr1s_888's Avatar
    I think black looks well better!, altho your finger marks show up more whilst it is less noticeable with the white! ;-)
    2009-03-17 01:20 PM
  6. Zwayne's Avatar
    2009-03-17 02:11 PM
  7. Broomhead's Avatar
    2009-03-17 02:15 PM
  8. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    White! It will match your laptop.
    2009-03-17 02:57 PM
  9. theevilone's Avatar
    G1 fw 1.5 on tmo
    iphone 2g fw 3.0 on tmo
    cingular 8525 fw 6 wm on tmo
    2009-03-17 03:18 PM
  10. Mes's Avatar
    White. Then get out your paint can and make it yours
    2009-03-17 04:34 PM
  11. imnothardcore's Avatar
    I woulda gotten white if I had the money to go 16gb. I really like my black one but the white ones look fantastic.
    2009-03-17 04:53 PM
  12. ALL DAY's Avatar
    White, then case mod it to blue.
    Respect your elders.
    2009-03-17 05:32 PM
  13. Miro89's Avatar
    black looks better but small scratches show on the back.

    white looks not as good as the black but small scratches dont show on the back

    after all u choose but i have a black one and think its better
    2009-03-17 07:18 PM
  14. NeoNightmareX's Avatar
    I would get a black one, I just think that they look better.
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    I can't find Cydia on app store
    2009-03-17 07:51 PM
  15. LastSonOfKrypton's Avatar
    White. I have a black 8gb and I'm having cpjr swap it out to white. It just looks better IMHO.
    2009-03-18 02:01 AM
  16. vincentpjimenez's Avatar
    Pros: You get the prestige. People around you will know you have a 16 gig.
    Cons: The dreaded hairline cracks are in your near future! If your anal like me, your gona go back to apple and exchange it. hassle.

    Pros: Sleek, sexy, smooth. Unnoticable hairline cracks.
    Cons: fingerprint magnet. But keep it in a leather case and your good to go.

    Your choice.
    I personally have black. (Previously owned 5 whites and got tired of exchanging them.)
    2009-03-18 12:17 PM
  17. bhz1's Avatar
    I've had a white 3G since mid August. Ive dropped it quite a few times , including onto tile, and no cracks. Maybe I'm just lucky.
    2009-03-18 01:34 PM
  18. Napoleon_PhoneApart's Avatar
    White 3G here as well. No cracks.
    2009-03-18 08:08 PM
  19. sayam's Avatar
    umm... i got the phone 5 months ago...
    2009-03-19 08:50 AM
  20. ziczac's Avatar
    if you a guy, get the black, otherwise the white one.
    2009-03-19 09:21 AM
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