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    Hello everybody.2 days into my iPhone reunlocking hell.
    I unlocked my new iPhone, first gen. about a month ago. I have been in heaven. I love it. Greatest thing known to man. I like the iPod most of all, the calendar, the phone and contacts, and of course Safari. The phone is of the least interest, I realy only use it in a pinch.
    Everybody is always telling me that I should get some of the cool aps. Why
    I asked, I am as happy as a slow witted clown.
    But 2 days ago [I] began to investigate...Bad move!
    I restored my iPhone and now I have nothing.
    The graphic on my screen is the iTunes connect icon. And I cannot seem to get anything else to happen.
    I think that when I restored my iPhone I updated the firmware version.
    I cannot tell what version is on there.
    I am also wondering if iTunes 7.7.1 is a problem.
    I am at a total loss. I just want my secretary/music/news/communication/map/ device back.
    Please help.
    2008-08-16 02:19 AM