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    Hello, ifoners and ipoters.

    I have just recently succeeded in upgrading to 1.1.3 jailbroken on my iPoT (elite team method).

    But now, I've been searching a lot, both on this forum and also on the rest (a.k.a. useless part) of the internet, for a way of converting my vids to make use of the new subtitle/multiple audio feature.

    My question is simple: How da f*** does one encode a movie to mp4 with subtitles and/or multiple audios?

    I would specially like to be able to create such .mp4's from .avi's and their fellow .srt's.

    P.S.: As I said, I have searched thoroughly for this subject in the forum. However, if I missed this discussion going anywhere else, please point me in the right direction. Happy 1.1.3, folkz.

    Well, I guess no one really has a clue yet on that one.

    But seeing how you guys stickied the 'how to add lyrics' topic, I suggest if someone comes up with a easy method for this question of mine, that it also becomes sticky, cause I think it has the same current relevance (not to mention much less documentation across the web) than that one.

    Sorry for the bump, is that frowned upon here?
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    You would need an authoring program. If you have a mac, it would be such things as Final Cut, Toast, iMovie, things like that. For PC it would be god knows, since I don't use one.
    Get "iPod & iTunes for Dummies", it'll change your life.
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    Hey guys, once more bumping my own topic. Shame.

    But I have some news, not so fortunate as I'd expect, but still worth telling.

    I came across a great free program: YAMB

    This amazing software is able to package a wide range of compatible audio streams, video streams and subtitles (srt or ttxt) into .mp4 files.

    Buuut, I tried two approaches and neither worked on my iTunes or on my iPoT:

    1st - I directly packaged my .avi (xvid) file and its subtitles (.srt) into a .mp4
    Result: It was pretty fast (4min for a 1hr movie), but iTunes didn't recognize it as a playable file.

    2nd - I used Free Video To iPhone Converter to turn my .avi into a compatible .mp4, and afterwards merged it with its subtitle in the YAMB.
    Result: It took a bit longer, 12min total, and iTunes and iPoT were able to play the file. However, I did not find any option to display a subtitle, in neither platforms.

    Dudes, you have no idea how much I want to be able to have exchangeable subs in my vids.

    Anyways, if anyone has an idea of what I could try different, please feel free to contribute here.
    In any case, I'm just glad to share those great apps with you guys.
    2008-02-06 04:15 AM
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    I'm really hoping the amount of time i've waited to add my piece will mean someone has come up with something by now. There are so many shows i have (ie FLCL, Dragonball, etc) that would be so much better if i could switch between dub and sub like im supposed to be able to do on 1.1.3. I can make an mp4 (m4v) file with multiple audio/subs, and when i play it in vlc i can choose each accordingly. but in quicktime and iTunes it plays all audio tracks at the same time and doesn't let you choose, and there are no available subs. never mind getting it to work on the itouch (which does the same thing.)

    Has anyone figured this out. I got really excited when i first saw the feature in that keynote.

    I just ran across this. doesn't address the multi language but should help with the soft subs

    Muxo adds soft subtitle support for iPhone - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

    unfortunately i don't have a mac and it looks like this is mac only
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