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    Hey guys, this is really weird, when I go to the keypad to dial a phone number, when I press the number 9, it chimes?? None of the other numbers do that, so what is going on?? Can anyone tell me how to make that stop, and for it to just sound like the rest, it's freaking me out! hehehe At first I thought, it was when I was saving a voicemail, cuz that's when I had first noticed it, but, just now I realized, that no, it's everytime I press the 9 even if it's just making a call! WEIRD! So if anyone knows what the heck I did, or how to remove the chiming, please let me know.

    I know that if we go into settings, is where we change the sounds, but, how would i remove it from the number 9?? Anyways, any help is appreciated! Thanks
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