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    I purchased an iphone on craigslist stuck in a bootloop and figured it would be an easy fix. The iphone is not recognized by windows or itunes. I was told that the previous owner upgraded to 2.0 and accidentally erased the settings . I figured out how to get into recovery(thx poseiden79) mode but itunes still does not recognize the iphone. Any suggestions? I am using the latest version of itunes. I have also tried an older verion of itunes with no luck...

    Im stuck at the unlocked devteam screen. The devteam recovery mode scrren actually says recovery mode lol. Phone was upgraded to 2.0, unlocked, had settings erased, attempted to downgrade to 1.1.4 then this lol

    never mind. fixed it. I had a bad usb cable. plz close
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    good job!
    2008-08-18 12:26 AM