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    Any one??
    2008-02-06 12:31 AM
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    Here's where I'm at:

    I have a 1.1.1, Jailbroken (i.unlock.no) and Unlocked (anySIM 1.1) phone running 04.01.13_G firmware.

    (Took me ages to get to this point alone)

    Everything seems to be working OK except the EDGE settings.

    I can get to
    Settings > General > Network >EDGE
    When I type in the APN I need "settings" seem to crash and the phone is return to the normal black screen with the 20 icons on it (16 + Dock = 20), and the settings have not been saved.

    My UK Mobile Network is Orange UK so my settings need to be as follow:

    APN = orangeinternet (case sensitive, no space)
    Username = leave blank
    Password = leave blank

    Anyone know what I can do to sort this out??

    I have been to..
    Installer > Unlocking Tools > EDGE Settings Fix

    and installed but this does not seem to fix, even after rebooting the iPhone.

    Please help.

    Any one??

    Any one??
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