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  1. kingroach's Avatar
    My iphone was on the table and accidently some water dropped on top of the screen from glass. It wasnt that much water and the water damage indicator under 3.5mm jack is still white. Now the iphone turn on, can recieve calls but I cant see anything on the lcd. The touch works since I can guess the location of unlock slider and slide it to unlock the phone ( it makes the sound).. Everything works fine just it doesnt show anything.. what would be the best procedure to fix the phone?.. I already ordered lcd replacement from ebay but I am not so sure if that will fix the problem
    2008-08-20 02:15 AM
  2. jayteez's Avatar
    left mine out in the rain and realized it after about 10 minutes. Will power on but touch screen wont respond. Water indicator still white..sending in for repair.
    2008-08-20 02:20 AM