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    I thought I would share this in case it happens to you. iPhone sitting on the counter the other day, something gets shuffled, and then the iPhone is hurling its way towards the floor with significant momentum. The iPhone hits on the corner and bounces. Expecting the worst I pick up the phone to see it lights up and all is good - not. First I notice the home button does not work. Then, when I tried to turn it off it turned off but then turned back on. Could not shut the phone down. When to put it on the charger so I did not drain the battery....would not charge or be recognized by my mac.

    After lots of research I could not find much regarding this. iFixIt told me that I would need to replace the entire display assembly ($249). I read someone on Hackint0sh that had the same issues and his ribbon cable was lose. I figured it would be worth a shot.

    I followed the guide for getting the PCB out produced by IFixIt http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/iPhone/D...sembly/105/10/. Cracking the case the first time was difficult. If you don't have the tools then get them. Don't do this with a knife and screwdriver. You will mess your case up. After opening it the first time it is much easier on repeat openings. The guide gives great instructions with pictures.

    Turns out the drop did jar the ribbon cable. It has so many connections that the slightest movement/shift will cross all of the connections causing strange things to happen and normal function not to happen. The hypothesis is that if your home button doesn't work but everything else does it is the button. If your home button and charger/dock don't work it is most likely the ribbon cable where it attaches to the PCB.

    Hope this helps someone.
    2008-02-08 05:32 AM
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    I just registered to say thanks for posting this. Its the best explanation i've found for the strange things that have been happening to my iphone after i dropped it. I'm just wondering if your solution of getting the display assembly will fix my own iphone, cause I have a few other problems:

    1. After I dropped it (was stupidly turn the door knob and hold my iphone with the same hand) the home button stopped working, as with you. Additionally, the vibration also stopped working.

    2. Now I can't connect to iTunes or charge with the supplied charger. Instead the iphone only charges when its connected to my radio clock (the iSongBook). And even then, the iphone doesn't automatically start playing music when i switch to the iPod mode on my radio, as it used to. I'm assuming this stems from the same communication problem it has with iTunes.

    3. (this is what i'm worried about) the speaker and microphone suddenly became very fuzzy and crackly (like from an old radio or something) after I dropped it, and everytime i did something that made a sound, e.g. clicking the keyboard, there would be this high pitched ringing sound and the iPhone would heat up like CRAZY. The only way i could get the ringing sound to stop was by respringing; the iphone would then cool down.

    4. A week later the speaker just completely stopped working, and its been like that ever since. I'm worried the speaker got burnt from the heating and i'll have to replace that as well.

    (oh yeah, I can still listen to music with headphones though, so right now my iphone is an expensive Touch)

    Today, though, something else happened. I dropped my iphone again accidentally while lying down on the bed; it hit the floor at a 45 degree angle face down, as in the top front touched the ground first. Why is this important? Because, right after I dropped it, it suddenly exited to the springboard. After opening Safari again, i noticed that the home button worked again!

    .. then it stopped working again a few minutes later, so i did what any fool would do: I tried dropping it the same way i did before (but on the carpet); face down, top down. Surprise: it WORKED!

    (you don't have to drop it though, knocking the top face down against the ground also works)

    Tried connecting it to iTunes, but it still wasn't detected. So now the home button kinda works (i have to tap the thing often though, as if there's still some connection loose inside), but my other problems still prevail:

    - Speaker/microphone no worky
    - No vibration
    - Cannot connect to iTunes (and thus cannot upgrade to 2.0)
    - I also get the "this accessory was not made for the..." message randomly.

    I hope accidental discovery of how to fix the home button helps someone, but I still need help solving the problems above. Can anyone explain what happened to my speaker and why it heated up? And is the whole display assembly replacement needed, or is replacing the ribbon cable enough? (If i'm not mistaken, there are several ribbon cables right, each having different functions?)

    And assuming I do replace the display or ribbon cable as the above poster did, would it fix the speakers? Or are speakers a completely seperate component? How bout the vibration?

    Hope someone out there who's more experienced in the working of the iPhone can help me.


    P.S. I've unlocked it, but haven't successfully been able to actually use it as a phone. I think the drop might have also screwed up the sim card, as typing *#06# does nothing except erase the input as soon as i type the last #; no IMEI shown.
    2008-07-18 02:13 PM
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    Typing this from my iphone. Just want to add a few more ailments I forgot to put in the last time;

    - the battery indicator ALWAYS shows 100%, its always full, even tjough it turns off automatically after using it for too long.

    - I dont know if this is related, but several apps like mxtube and twitter crash to springboard everytime I open them. On and before I fixed my home button (it didn't get unresponsive again!) apps like labyrinth and neverball also crashed. I also managed to fix other crashing apps by reinstalling jiggy runtime. mxtube and twitter still dont work though, as they're not jiggy apps.

    im pretty sure no one is gonna reply, but ill update this thread again when i manage to fix all these problems so as to help someone out there googling in vain, just as I was..

    2008-07-20 06:04 AM
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    2008-11-02 06:37 PM
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    click the link in my sig that says flex cable
    2008-11-02 07:31 PM
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    is it good for the other thing fizz wort?
    ive got the same he got.


    please someone?
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