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    I've recently upgraded to the lastest fw 2.02. But dont seem to have much control on the phone at the moment. It sounds like most are happy with the latest upgrade, sure its great. But so far seems very basic. What are the essentials to install please? I cant find the way to change my wallpaper like I could on the 1.4fw, tried to look around customizer, but cant see the option. I did find the wallpaper option and choose set as background, but only the when iphone is locked I can see that! I remember in summerboard I had the option to switch off theme backgrounds etc, with winterboard there is no options! I know I must be in the wrong direction, can someone help please? I'm even finding my message alert just plays the default and not my chosen one with the tick next to it!! Any ideas please, or is this a known problem? Many thanks.

    I've looked further in my phone and although I can test each message alert, I only seem to have the default one working when receiving a text! I looked in customiser, in systems sounds, under the sms received sound I only have one in there! Is customiser compatable with 2.02? Just wondering if I should remove it? Please, any help appreciated. Thanks

    Anyone tell me if my iphone is the only one with this problem? How can I go back to install again? Helppppp please!!!
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