1. rud3bwoy's Avatar
    So there are 2 apps i want from the app store but i get this error when i try to get these free apps,how can i fix this?
    2008-08-22 06:14 PM
  2. Rip's Avatar
    You can't unless you have an account for that country - I have the same problem.
    2008-08-23 02:53 PM
  3. tyfly867's Avatar
    you have to have a credit card with a billing address in that country.
    2008-08-23 02:54 PM
  4. san9jay's Avatar
    Strange thing is I have the same error.

    My itunes account was first setup in India and that worked fine.

    While on holiday in Ireland I attempted to install an app via the Iphone App store applet and got the message account only valid in the Indian ITunes store.

    Stupid I thought since if that is the case why couldn't they just forward to the Indian Itunes store but ok I will wait till i get back to India.

    I am back in India now and retried the app install via the Iphone app store applet and got the same error!

    Any ideas ?

    2008-10-31 08:41 AM
  5. Carrbone's Avatar
    get an itunes gift card and set up a new account in that country- ;-)\
    then you dont need a CC- just an address there-
    2008-11-01 04:57 PM
  6. san9jay's Avatar
    fixed the problem. I needed to resync with my computer. During the sync it gave me the same error but it then said it was taking me to the Indian ITunes store. after that it works on my iphone as well.

    God knows why i need to sync for it to do that. the iphone should do that automatically
    2008-11-01 05:25 PM
  7. Carrbone's Avatar
    The phone stores ur personal itunes information on it so that you can use the app store ;-)
    2008-11-02 12:10 AM
  8. oldicane's Avatar
    i am from albania and i have dhe same problem!!!!!
    2008-11-19 12:32 AM
  9. nickh's Avatar
    I have 3 accounts in 3 countries, all with a gift card, & can be done without a card as well, as long as the app is free of course.

    Search the board for the how 2's.
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    2008-11-19 12:46 AM