1. conspiracy's Avatar

    I'm planning to paint the back cover and the front bezel of my iPhone.
    Like here.

    But I cant seem to get movement in the apple logo.
    I saw people using adhesive remover, but won't that damage the phone?
    Since all the people that are doing that are replacing their cover with a black one. They don't have to care about the original cover anymore.
    But mine has to survive!

    Any ideas?
    2008-08-24 07:21 PM
  2. Flu3nt's Avatar
    if you plan to paint over it, just sand it off, you dont even need a sander, just get a high grit piece of sand paper and rub it off.

    as long as you dont push too hard when sanding to make a dent, it will be as smooth as a babys butt. but i doubt you can actually sand it so much to dent it, unless you were doing it for hours.


    looking at the pictures you linked us too.

    thats exactly what he did, you could see how he sanded the corners of the back-plate to smooth it out.
    2008-08-24 07:30 PM
  3. conspiracy's Avatar
    I think you misunderstood me.
    I mean the metal apple logo in the cover.

    The rest of the cover I was planning to sand, like you said.
    2008-08-24 07:34 PM
  4. Flu3nt's Avatar
    on the back of the iphone, the shiny metallic apple logo...

    thats what i meant... you can sand it off. so it will be "Bonded" with the rest of the cover.

    at first i believed it to be some sort of sticker. am i wrong? if you take the back cover off altogether, maybe you can "pop" it out.

    or, just cover the logo and paint around it. unless you want it gone cmpletely.

    Trust me man, youll find a way, google is your answer...

    but whatever you do...

    DONT use crayons like this dude How to Paint my iPod? - iPod - iPhone - iTunes Forums at iLounge

    OR glue paper to the back...
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    2008-08-24 07:48 PM
  5. conspiracy's Avatar
    Nah man, he has removed it, then painted the cover, then placed it back.
    otherwise you can't get a result like this.
    My logo still has to be shinny after it is painted..

    This person has also removed the logo, but look at his original cover! I don't want it like that..
    'how to' swap iphone housings... - Mac Forums
    2008-08-24 07:50 PM
  6. Flu3nt's Avatar
    You could sent it to those colorware guys, but its really expensive...
    2008-08-24 07:57 PM
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