1. lit0's Avatar
    So after numerous trials & errors, i finally got the iphone to work with a tmobile sim.

    TXT/SMS messaging - WORK
    phone calls - WORK

    i turned off my wifi to see if safari would work, and it took very long - so i don't even know if it did get to work.

    my tmobile plan is:

    fav5, 600 minutes, unlimited nights/wknds, unlimited text.

    i don't have a data/net plan yet.

    my question is (and it's kind of like "DUH"):

    do i need to add a data/net package to use safari, youtube, maps, etc. without a wifi connection present??

    and is it as simple as that? or would i have to go thru all that downgrading crap??
    2008-02-10 07:19 PM
  2. ajl917's Avatar
    Well right now without a data plan, you dont have anything like EDGE, so right now, your only source of internet is wifi...
    2008-02-10 08:40 PM
  3. Dannyc1976's Avatar
    I also have an Iphone and I am using T-mobile as well
    myfave 1000 min unlimited text,video message plus t-zone $5.99 plan
    what I did is log into tmobile.com and change my phone to a razer and them call tmobile and told them that I wnat to add t-zones to my account $5.99 plan after i was done with the rep from t-mobile I used the application from installer and I am able to use edge to use the safari, maps, weather,stocks... youtube does not work nor itunes.
    good luck
    ps. if you can pm me the steps on how you were able to unlock your iphone I bought mine unlock thank you
    2008-02-10 09:20 PM
  4. wildturkey's Avatar
    I maybe getting a tmobile plan but what plan do i need to you safari, get my emails and stuff there seems to be so many data plan types ....

    Is surfing on WiFi free?????

    2008-02-16 05:34 AM
  5. pncntigger's Avatar
    5.99 plans works good. Extremely slow compared to WiFi but helpful in a bind and can't find an access point anywhere. Only thing that doesn't work with the 5.99 plan is you tube and the itunes store.
    Don't forget the Thanks if I helped
    2008-02-16 06:38 AM