1. DcMaRiE 1987's Avatar
    I can only access the favorites, recent calls, contacts, keypad and voicemail. I can't get back to the home screen no matter how long I hold the button down. I've tried turning the phone off and back on but as soon as I unlock it it goes straight back to the favorites screen. My incoming calls are also not coming through but I can make outgoing calls. Anyone know how to fix it???
    2008-08-25 04:48 AM
  2. mad102190's Avatar
    is it jailbroken/unlocked? if not--> apple store.
    if it is --> restore

    or see if you can make a call and while in it press the home button. see what happens
    2008-08-26 01:19 PM
  3. heath_rox's Avatar
    hold down home and the power button untill it turns off
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    2008-08-27 02:53 AM