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    I am having a big problem with my sms. I send A LOT of texts. Last month I sent 14,859. I have a bet this month between my friend to sent the most. We are aiming for 20,000.

    Now comes the big problem. I will text a few people that just texted me and they won't text back for 20 minutes. And when I type back to them why does it take so long for them to reply they always say the reply right back. I texted one of my friends sitting next to me and they got it 15-25 minutes later. But when I texted my self from her phone it came instantly.

    I Called Atat and they said it was not my service but my iphone my self. They asked where my nearest store was.... about 2 hours. So I was hoping you guys could tell me what is going on. Cause I talked to a person at the store over the phone and they said it does not make much sense what is going on.

    I am running 2.0.1 2g 8g iphone
    With these apps installed
    -Cydia- Installer, Winterboard, Videocorder3g, Swap Tunes, Snapture

    -AppStore- Aim, FAcebook, Myspace, Pandora, Remote, Shazam, Box office, Bejing2008, Dial 0, Scratch, How Fast, Aol Radio, Simplify, Touch Calc, Kazoo, Othello, Carries Dots, Accel Break, t4twofree, fire drop, removem, labryinth le, tetris, peg jump.
    2008-08-25 05:40 AM