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    what are the differences between boatloadsrs and modems firmware and which is best for what
    2008-02-11 03:12 PM
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    I'm no expert but from what I understand the boot loader is what loads the firmware for the antenna. all iphone's with 1.11 and older have older boot loaders (3.9) and their antenna firmware can be changed.

    1.12 and newer have a new boot loader that prevents changes to the firmware (until just recently an exploit was found).

    In order for the phone to work you need to downgrade the antenna firmware to an older one, which is 4.02.13. Hope that helkps.
    2008-02-11 03:58 PM
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    The bootloader is the processor inside the iPhone that is responsible for starting the phone up. The older versions of bootloader firmware (3.9) allowed for iPhone to be unlocked, the newer versions up until now phones with bootloader version 4.6 could not be unlocked.
    Bootloader is the possibly the most important part of the phone, as it is the foundation to the whole thing. If you mess up your phone modding, and your phone seems fudged up, it is the bootloader that allows you to put it in restore mode and fix it. That's why many iPhone problems can be fixed; the bootloader saves you. It is rarely updated, as there is no real need. But if you mess with the bootloader, and something goes wrong, well, your phone will not start again. Ever. lol.

    The baseband is the processor that controls the antenna functions on your phone. The firmware for the baseband is what is patched during unlocking to allow you to use other carriers.

    Just in case you didn't know already, here are some abbreviations you should become familiar with:

    BL: bootloader
    BB: baseband
    OTB: out the box- use this is to say what firmware you had when you bought the phone (eg, 1.1.3 OTB).
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    2008-02-11 07:59 PM
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    and the arm bone's connected to the...shoulder bone...
    2008-02-11 08:06 PM
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    thank you veryuch are there advantages to the newer modem or just patches from apple to keep us outyour post was very informative and helpful
    Support the installer community they have been there since day one apples sdk app is just trying to mimick the installers popularity but for a price ill bet
    2008-02-18 06:06 PM
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    Most of the time, baseband updates are to keep out the unlockers, and solely serve that purpose, however, the newest baseband enables you to use the locateme feature on Googlemaps.

    You're welcome.
    2008-02-18 11:08 PM