1. charithrac's Avatar
    This isnt a major problem but maybe a bug.

    Well, I play my music using the shuffle option and listen to songs and when the screen locks the song still plays, and as most of you are aware by double tapping home button brings up shortcut iPod menu at the slide to unlock page. Well, ive used that menu to pause the music which i would assume would mean close the iPod, well not quite, I paused the song from slide to unlock screen and of course i remove the headset and chuck my iPhone back in my pocket. After a few minutes i hear the song has started playing again via the speakers at a very low volume, barely hear it but its playing. That only happens if I pause at the slide to unlock page and not if I actually unlock the phone and go to iPod page and pause. Anyone experienced this?
    2008-08-26 11:38 AM