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    Update Carrier Settings y or n?
    Hey guys, I hope I'm posting this in the right place? Searched all the key words but couldnt find any posts that had anything to do with this so far? I just pwned my 1st gen iphone yesterday, was previously unlocked with ziphone running 1.1.4 updated to 2.0.1 pwned, jailbroken, unlocked to t-mobile w/$5.99 tzones hack yesterday and now when I connect to itunes to sync etc. I get this message "Theres an update to your iphones carrier settings available for download, Would you like to download now"? I am afraid to download in case it ruins everything I went through yesterday!... Any help at all would be greatly appreciated...Thanks in advance.
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    2008-08-27 04:52 PM
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    I have the same question. I bought an unlocked, jailbroken phone, with 2.0 that I'm using on T-Mobile. Have just updated to OS x 10.4.11 (so I could sync with my computer) and iTunes 7.7.1 and now I get the message saying an update to my carrier settings is available, but unlike another message, it doesn't give me the option to not ask me again.
    I'd hate to mess it up since I bought it unlocked and don't know the procedure.

    2008-09-01 07:18 AM
  3. pitbulvig's Avatar
    Well I decided to chance it and hit the update, It just came back with an error then went away : ). BUT that was me, Im not saying you should do same, I would feel terrible if it locked your phone or something similar?
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    2008-09-01 03:38 PM
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    Icame up with the same message and hit updates got error but nothing changed as far as can tell.
    2008-09-01 08:37 PM
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    There is no problem if you have a pwned iPhone (2.0.1 , 2.0.2 , 2.1.) if you accidentaly hit install new carrier setings !!! because it came up with an error or if is not an error and setting wore instaled sucsesfuly , after you restart your phone and conect agen to iTunes ,
    iTunes reminde you to update the carrier settings , bercause the settings will never install on your iPhone !!!.
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    2008-09-20 12:55 PM
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    if you have an pwned iphone is no problem if you acidentali hit instal new carier setnigs because it came up uith an error or if is not an error and instaled sucsesfuly you restart your phone an conect aghen to iTunes and iTunesc keep ring to update the carier setings.
    Did anyone understand a word of what he said^????
    2008-09-20 02:16 PM
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    Did anyone understand a word of what he said^????
    LOL, I was going to suggest he turn his spell check BACK ON on BossPreffs! But seriously I still appreciate that he did reply to the question and was trying to help.
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    2008-09-20 03:18 PM