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    Back in the 80's att ran adds of innovations you would see in the 21st century, like live video mail , mailing email over a pda on the beach etc.. innovations that have been long surpassed.

    Well picture yourself sitting on your back patio (or maybe neighborhood starbucks, I'll explain the maybe below) and watch video or audio streamed from any number of servers in your home, or your neighbors. anyone on your wif network.

    Well we couldn't find an app to do the above so we are writting one for the iphone and should have a beta in a few weeks. The cvs archive with the alpha version on sourceforge next week hopefully.

    (note:, The app is fully capable of it, but I'm a little lawyer shy, so we are not sure if the first version at least will access video outside you local lan, than again everyone will have the source code.)


    And ehomeupgrade did a little piece on us last week.
    2007-08-24 06:41 AM
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    sounds interesting...i'm excited to see how this develops for the iphone

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