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    ok i got my i phone
    it has 1.1.3 FIRMWARE and 4.6 BOOTLOADER
    set up for tmobile
    ok ive been thru various website
    and found how to get edge working
    ive cracked the youtube ,and it now works
    ive got the email working but i cannot send mail(problem 1)

    my buddy has an i phone and i (at the time) didnt have i tunes
    so i d/l all his songs to my phone making an exact copy of his phone
    ok i deleted all his contacts and ims and whatnot making it myphone again but keeping his music and videos....
    ive now got i tunes loaded onto my computer (windows vista)
    but when i try to sync with i tunes it wants to delete my songs(problem 2)
    can i save these files ( music & video) to my comp before i sync with my i tunes so i dont loose them??

    also is there a way to send picture messages? from my i phone to other phones thru sms? or will i have to e mail pictures from now on??

    all tho i have these problems i do love my i phone its the best and as im learing how to use it i will get better ( these things are complicated)

    Where can I find d/l links from mod myiphone
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