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    I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but after this talk about the iphone's security flaws, I thought i may as well see if it works for me (up until now i haven't bothered using the pass-code lock). Anyway when i tried to enable it, it allowed me to set the passcode as it usually does the first time you set it. I set it to immediately, then locked it and unlocked it, and presto, NO PASSCODE? Now here is where it gets weirder. I went back into the settings and it was set to passcode lock OFF, so I went in and again and it again asked me to set a passcode, which to humor the phone I did once more. This time I thought I might try to change the passcode while i was in that menu screen and....get this.....it tells me that the passcode (that I just set) is incorrect, and then starts counting up the failed attempts....So I lock the phone and turn it back on again, and........NO PASSCODE....

    My Phone seems to be UNABLE to set a passcode! Lucky up until now I haven't bothered to use it.

    Anyone else experience this problem or am I the lucky first?

    My phone is 3G and Jailbroken with Pwnage.

    Any suggestions would be awesome thanks.
    2008-08-28 01:01 AM
  2. consumption's Avatar
    The same thing here. Same phone. Also Jailbroken.
    2008-08-29 02:00 AM
  3. Real_Iphonecrazy's Avatar
    it's to do with passwords not being saved when jailbrake to 2.0,2. Search forum there's a way to fix it by changing permisions
    2008-08-29 02:16 AM
  4. consumption's Avatar
    do you have a link to the thread?
    2008-09-01 12:26 PM