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    i recently broke my iphone 1st gen so a friend of mine gave me hers bc she wants a new 3G....The phone she gave me has never been jailbroken or anything so i activated it on my AT&T account on itunes and i restored it to the new 2.02 software and everything thing is fine except for my visual voicemail....How do i get that to work again on my new phone?....i am an AT&T customer and pay for an iphone plan.....Thank you and have a NIce Day
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    2008-08-28 06:04 AM
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    call yourself a few times and itll pop up for you to set up your voicemail
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    2008-08-28 06:55 AM
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    or call att and they may be able to get it going for you. i had to do that b4
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    2008-08-28 08:08 AM