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    Folks this is urgent and i need help. My friend has bought an Iphone for his good woman`s birthday. He gave it to me to see if i could jailbreak it and unlock it. I have did a few before.

    Her birthday is tomorrow and i have problems..

    Phone is a week 42 ( UK )
    Firmware- 04.03.13_G

    I installed BBinfo but it just says Baseband- Present.

    I have it jailbroken to 1.1.2 just now and have decided i want to leave it there due to issues earlier ( went to 1.0.2, 1.1.1, 1.1.3 back to 1.1.1 and now 1.1.2 )

    I have been getting the SIM error message but when i switch the phone off and on again its fine--just seems to do this when i load a new app.Its not showing errors in Itunes.

    I dont have another SIM to see if its unlocked or not ( only got my own non O2 contract sim ).

    My questions are what would the Baseband be ?
    Can i run an unlock program to unlock the SIM and if so which one ( prefer from Installer )

    Phone needs to go back tomorrow and i need help badly folks...

    Ok i tried my own NON contract O2 SIM in the other phone and i get the SIM error message--this works fine in my own Iphone.

    So i put the original SIM back in the phone and the SIM error message goes away. Im assuming it isnt unlocked as yet.

    Im on the 1.1.2 Jailbroken so what would be the best unlock solution for this phone ?

    Need this fixed so it can be wrapped up given as a birthday gift tomorrow...
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    2008-02-13 09:14 AM
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    i think the zitool from the homepage would be the best option
    2008-02-13 10:03 AM
  3. markyboy1967's Avatar
    Does/will the ZiPhone method work with my bootloader/baseband.. I cant find the info on which baseband i have?

    Would i be better running the Itunes official update to 1.1.3 and then trying the ZiPhone method?

    2008-02-13 10:14 AM