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    Hi guys, just a quick question.
    I have recently applied a theme through customize 2.0 that has 4 ipod icons. When i customise images/sounds in customize I can only apply the icon set generally, not the specific 1 of 4 icons.
    Could someone explain why there are 4 icons for ipod and how I can choose to apply a specific one.

    any ideas anyone?!
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    2008-08-29 04:08 PM
  2. bhz1's Avatar
    You can manually go in via SSH and change the icon that app uses. for instance without looking at the specifics, most app icons are named icon.png. The additional ones are probably named something like icon(1).png etc... You can rename the icon that you want to use to icon.png renaming the original icon to something else.

    The purpose is to give you options, maybe you want to use a different style icon if you have that app in your dock vs your springboard.
    2008-08-29 05:53 PM
  3. tikigod19's Avatar
    ahhh I see, so it is designed specifically for people to SSH and manually choose an icon. That makes sense. Many thanks for your help!! +1
    2008-09-01 12:55 PM