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  1. prascoolz's Avatar
    Ifound out what make my phone app crash its kate so i tought by uninstalling it will work but i did everything and even disable the kate tool and uninstall it but it still cant work it will still crash each time i open it ,it will go back to the home screen.i am running on 2.0 firmware iphone . i also tried reinstalling the via winscp and even deleting installer but it still cant work so plz ppl if any one know how to fix the situation plz help me ...............................
    2008-08-29 05:14 PM
  2. Superman497's Avatar
    hey I seem to be having the same problem except I don't think this is caused by the installer app because I have not even used it yet, i have restored my iphone couple times already and it just seems to work then a few days later it goes down again, but also i am confused so if there is any help out there to this problem I would also greatly appreciate it
    2008-09-26 05:23 AM