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    My phone was ran over (we think) and it cracked the screen and it kinda dinged up the back of my White 3G iphone. The screen is just white and the cracks are everywhere, but its not the glass. its clearly the touchscreen/LCD. I was wondering if i drive 1 1/2 hours o the Apple store, what are my odds of getting it replaced? i had it jailbroken with winpwn but i tried to restore it because its still getting recognized by my computer and it says error 6. does that mean that they cant see that it was previously pwnd? or what should i do? keep in mind i used ziphone to put my phone in DFU mode because the sleep button doesnt seem to be responding. Will thank everyone that helps with this issue! if you need pix, lemme know ill go buy batteries for my camera and show you guys

    nvm... paid 260 bucks and got a new one lmao
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    Apply doesn't cover accidental damage for the iphone. (Or at least I think so.)
    2008-08-31 01:31 AM