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    Hi. I bought my iphone from a o2 shop local to me. When I bought mine it was on 1.2 fw to give you an ideal of the time it was purchased. It's now on 2.0.1 (jailbroken) and I'm enjoying it

    It's my girlfriends birthday on Tuesday and I know see would love to own an Iphone too. I'm wondering, is it still possible to walk into a o2 shop or carphone warehouse and buy one without signing any contract or giving them any details at all? Just wondering if things as changed and to save me a differcult phone call to the shop to ask such a question. Many thanks.

    By the way I'm in the Uk. regards

    I have since done some research, but still not getting a clear answer. How do you guys/girls in the uk buy the iphone? I'm not bothered about a 3g, a 2g will do has that's what I have, and my girlfriend likes that. I've read you have to pay with a credit or debit card only so Apple can track to see your on the contract or not! I want to pay with cash is this still an option to us in the Uk? Can someone who has bought one recently let me know please. Many thanks
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    2008-08-31 02:51 PM
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    i believe the original iphone has been discontinued and you'll have to buy it at places such as ebay or a local shop (non-apple or service provider)
    2008-08-31 05:31 PM
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    Oh, so can only purchase a 3g iphone. Can anyone clear up, whether I'm going to be able to buy one, from a shop in the uk paying cash?
    2008-08-31 08:39 PM
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    No, you can't. Use ebay
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    2008-08-31 10:37 PM
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    Ok Thanks Redcard. That answer as sure saved me a differcult phone call. Cheers
    2008-08-31 11:39 PM