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    I have a 1.1.2 BL 4.6 OTB that has been updated via itunes to 1.1.3. I used iNdependence to Jailbreak/Activate/Unlock, however, Installer doesn't get loaded. Tried the methods on the iNdependence site, but to no avail. to get Installer working. Read a thread that said use ziphone jailbreak and it will fix the Installer problem. Did that and it worked fine. Loaded a few apps, and when returning to Springboard, the "gear" turned, then froze. Force rebooted and froze at silver apple. Any changes to the main screen (adding an application to "Categories" etc.), freezes the screen. My only option is to go to ziphone and jailbreak again to release the Springboard. if i turn off, it will freeze at the silver apple. I have also restored in itunes to 1.1.3 and gobe through the full ziphone process to jailbreak/activate/unlock but the exact same condition exists. Out of options. Thanks
    2008-02-18 05:41 AM