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  1. Rivest's Avatar
    Hi mmi members I need your help. I thought I had bought an Roger's iPhone but it's says ''No service'' Then I've tried with a Fido sim card and still the same. How can I determine wich carrier is the iPhone?
    2008-09-03 12:58 AM
  2. Poseidon79's Avatar
    If you run winpwn or pwnage and unlock the phone then it will work on ANY compatible provider.
    2008-09-03 01:01 AM
  3. Rivest's Avatar
    Oops forgot to say it's an iPhone 3G. Between I'm in Canada.
    2008-09-03 01:11 AM
  4. M4tt Dam0n's Avatar
    The iPhone 3g cannot be unlocked and even if it were you only have choice between Fido or Rogers in Canada. You have to have a contract when you buy an iPhone 3G which means on of these 4 things in your situation:

    1. Someone bought an iPhone to get the 6gb plan and took the sim card to use the plan on another device as a blackberry. And sold the iPhone to you. iPhones without contract cost at least $600 so that guy really wanted that 6gb plan and didnt care for the iPhone and probably sold it for $200 lol.

    2. Your sim card isnt activated

    3. You stole that Phone

    4. Somethings screwed up in the Phone.
    2008-09-03 01:48 AM
  5. Rivest's Avatar
    Thanks for your help I had to restore then iTunes activated it. Thanks again.
    Mod you can delete this topic.
    2008-09-03 03:02 AM