1. Sandric's Avatar
    Hi guys, i'm having some problems with my iphone.
    I can't turn it on, a few times i tried i got to the apple logo, then it turns off. Once i even got to springboard but it turned off soon after.

    I have tried charging it, one moment it says it's 20% remaining, the next it's full.
    Nothing seems to work. I would like to restore it and upgrade, but im afraid it crashes in the process, which probably means i'm even more screwed than before.
    can someone please help
    2008-09-03 04:56 PM
  2. Muggz5's Avatar
    Ok well my first question is, while its plugged in, it will still shut off?
    Have you dropped your phone and damaged/dented it on the power switch?
    Do you do a weekly battery maintenence? (drain totally, then recharge 100% no interruptions)
    Do you use an aftermarket car charger? some aftermarket chargers will first drain the phone and then do a full recharge.

    Also have you tried to put it into normal restore?
    - Power off, Plug in holding home until the restore logo shows.
    I would try to get into normal restore and do a factory restore. If the problem persists, restore it back to factory completely and take it in to the "Genius Bar"

    It sounds more like a battery issue than a phone/OS issue though.
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    2008-09-03 07:03 PM
  3. Sandric's Avatar
    1)i cant even turn it on, been plugged in all day and the best response i've gotten is the apple logo
    2)its my friend's phone, so im not sure
    3)its my friend's phone, so im not sure
    4)he bought an original apple charger, but im pretty sure he doesnt have a car charger

    I tried to upgrade it today and winpwn recognized in the DFU mode, but that was as far as i got

    "genius bar"????
    thnx for replying
    2008-09-03 10:47 PM