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    I don't know if Categories is the issue, as the phone has synced once or twice while it was installed, but ever since this morning my phone refuses to be a part of the iPhone/iTunes bond.
    When I plug in the phone via USB, the lock screen shows the charging battery, but says "Slide to Unlock" and remains usable.
    iTunes, on the other hand, starts to back-up, but stops one or two bars into it. If I cancel that, the progress bar freezes about a quarter of the way through installing a new app. If I cancel that, iTunes still shows the phone plugged in, but if I click eject, it tells me it is still syncing, even though there are no progress bars for anything.
    So MMi, help a brother out, I've got to get this sync going so I can have fun with my new MIDI apps
    2008-09-03 08:41 PM

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