1. LGgeek's Avatar
    I was wondering if someone who has poked around in the bowels of the iphone has noticed if there is any setting that gives the edge network priority over wifi. The reason I bring this up is I noticed the other day at work that the edge network was failing ( getting "no service" ) periodically. When this was happening I noticed that the wifi signal from my work was coming in a lot stronger. Anyone seen anything like this ?
    I wish apple would give me a setting tat would allow me to turn of the edge network the way they do wifi.

    Thanks in advance

    2007-08-26 09:25 PM
  2. teufel657's Avatar
    I've always noticed that my wifi will take priority over edge, since it will be faster, and not count towards the edge data each month.
    2007-08-26 10:33 PM